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Healers…this message is for you.

During the week I saw a healer for counselling. She was a practising Reiki Master and saw quite a few clients a week. Her heart was wounded, very wounded. She was exhausted and drained. Yet she continued to do the work she thought God wanted to do, care for others before herself.

I hear this same ‘story’ over and over again. I was one of those who gave all, until I had no petrol left in my tank. What happened? I got Addison’s Disease…well, that was the label for what was and still is happening to me.

Out of the blue I was asked to do a hands on healing…how, when I didn’t even have enough energy for myself? My guide told me to merge my energy with that of my client, so we could both receive the Divine healing energy from the Universal healing bank.

After the healing session I have to say I felt invigorated and grounded, instead of drained and lightheaded.

I have also done a lot of work on my ‘stuff’. I actually don’t want to go back over my past anymore…opting to concentrate on the ‘now’ instead.

My client was still a little girl in her thinking…carrying the wounds of her childhood. She came to realize, after our time together, she continued to attract other wounded children to her…not aware adults who were ready to move forward from their past.

Like attracts like.

Do yourselves a favour…if you are still carrying wounds from your past, how about healer healing thyself first? Once you have done that, and that means letting go of the past, you will find you will work on a completely different level. You will be able to reach a much higher level of vibration to receive valuable information and guidance from your higher guides. Your energy will be much more powerful and you will come from a different and stronger place in your heart.

From my heart to yours in love…Jen xxx

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