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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Upstairs’ told me this morning in a dream we need to eat more Dahl or lentils. Because many of us don’t eat meat, they recommended we eat more servings of this instead. It is also easier on our digestive system too! So I have made a big pot this morning using this recipe below.

The Health Benefits of lentils are that they are very rich in protein (about 26%), folic acid, and both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Lentils are also very high in Vitamin C and the B vitamins, and contain eight of the essential amino acids. They also contain many trace minerals. Lentils are one of the highest sources of antioxidants found in winter growing legumes. The soluble fiber in lentils also helps eliminate cholesterol, since it binds to it, reducing blood cholesterol levels. There is also evidence to prove that lentils can slow the liver’s manufacture of cholesterol, which similarly helps to reduce levels in the body.

Lentils for Weight Loss. Because insoluble fiber is indigestible and passes through the body virtually intact, it provides few calories. And since the digestive tract can handle only so much bulk at a time, fiber-rich foods are more filling than other foods, so people tend to eat less.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp olive oil ½ onion diced. optional. 1 cup peas

½ cup celery diced 1 tomato diced Hand full of baby Spinach 1 sweet potato diced. Can add normal potato if you wish 2 tsp minced peeled ginger 1-2 tsp gram masala ½ tsp cumin powder 1 tsp coriander powder Chilli to taste 1 tsp turmeric 1tsp cinnamon Garlic to taste.2 ½ cups vegetable stock or water (Low salt optional). I use water. 1 cup brown, red or green lentils, rinsed. I use a mixture. cracked pepper and salt to taste.


Sauté onions, celery, tomato, garlic and ginger in oil, over medium heat for 3-5 minutes or until onions are soft. Boil, steam or roast sweet potato. I roast my sweet potato. Add gram masala and cumin and sauté for 2 minutes, add other spices, stirring constantly to avoid scorching the spices. Stir in stock or water and lentils and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 45-50 minutes or until lentils are soft. Add peas and spinach to cook through. Stir in sweet potato to absorb flavours. Serve with yogurt flavoured with mint and coriander. Can also serve with basmati rice and flat bread. Voila. Enjoy!

You can add chick peas or any other vegetables if you like.

In gratitude and love. xxx

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