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This story, although a eight years old now, still touches my heart and all those who read it. So I would like to share it again with you.

Once upon a time my very best friend sat by my side. His name was Tao. Today he is an angel in the Animal Kingdom.

Let me go back eighteen years.

My husband Chris, and I, were meeting some friends for lunch. Nearby was a pet shop. Oh, no, pet shops are dangerous for me! I can’t resist a fluffy kitten or a plump playful puppy!

Chris noticed three gorgeous puppies playing in the shop window…it reminded me of the childhood song I used to sing…Who’s that doggy in the window?

When lunch was finished, and our friends departed, we decided to go and goo goo the puppies. I asked the shop keeper if I could hold one of them. I picked up the middle sized one, which looked just like a lion cub. I felt something fall onto my foot. I looked down and picked up a yellow piece of paper with the words, ‘Sorry, I’m sold’, written on it! I asked the shop keeper where had the paper had come from. Was it stuck on the puppy? No, she had never seen it before!!!

I looked at Chris and said, ‘Well, it looks like he is ours’.

As we were paying for him, along with a variety of toys, a bed and some food, I wondered what we should call him. Before I knew it, a man came up to admire our new ‘baby’. He asked what his name would be? I replied I hadn’t thought of one yet. Without stopping to think, he said, ‘Call him Tao’. I felt being a Lhasa Apso…a Tibetan Temple Dog, that was the perfect name. So Tao he became.

Tao was ‘my’ dog…he never left my side. He was ALWAYS there to greet me with a cheeky smile and just adored me. He was my best friend.

When I wrote my first children’s book, The Angel in my Dreams, Tao played a major part in the story. He, along with my cats, Maya and Gypsy Rose sat by me as I wrote hour after hour.

Now he is inside the story, not on the outside looking in.

On a hot Queensland summer’s day, Tao was his usual happy self. He was due to have his hair washed by the dog washer at 11.30am. We had visitors, so I didn’t take much notice of him till after his hair wash. He looked clean and fluffy, rolling around on the lawn to dry off properly.

Once our visitors left, I let him come in. As I had a broken ankle, and still had a lot of swelling, I went up to our bedroom to elevate it. Tao came with me as usual. I noticed he looked like he had some eyelashes in his eyes…I thought it was from the wash. At 6pm I still noticed his eyes looked sticky and got some cotton balls to wipe them. It was then the shock set in. OMG something had happened to his eyes.

We quickly called the Vet and rushed him down. They thought he had shampoo in his eyes and flushed them out. We were to put drops in them and they would see him again the next morning. I hated putting the drops in Tao’s eyes, they stung him, so he whimpered and yelped in pain.

Morning came his eyes were worse. More drops and tablets from the Vet and home again till the next morning.

I could see by the way he was walking something was seriously wrong…I knew in my heart he was blind.

He was then sent to an eye specialist. She said she had never seen anything like what had happened to Tao. More medicine and back again in five days to see if there was any improvement.

I couldn’t stop crying…all day…all night. I felt so helpless and sad for my dear little friend.

Being a medium, I decided to connect with Tao’s soul. I asked him why was this happening? He told me it was time for him to go, as I had a lot of work to do. He said he would be in the way, for I would be wondering and worrying who would look after him. He didn’t want me to put my energy into worrying about him.

I cried more! How many tears can two eyes hold?

He told me not to stop crying, for that was the reason he was staying with me for a week. He wanted me to release all those tears I had held onto for so many years…tears of hurt and heartache.

What an angel he was. He sacrificed his life so that I may heal.

On our last day together, I played beautiful angelic music, lit fragrant candles and fed him his favorite treats…maltesers and peanut butter on cruskits. I thought, what the heck with the calories, I wanted his last few hours with me to be special.

I carried him everywhere to make it easier for him. It was so hard to see him trying to find his way around furniture and walls, yet I marveled at how hard he tried to find his way to me, where ever I was, in or out of the house.

I had warned the Vet we wouldn’t be bringing Tao back home with us before we got there. They had everything prepared for him…a soft bed…soft lighting and a nurse ready to administer his final medication. I will never forget his last look at me…blood red eyes boring straight into my soul. Eyes that said, ‘I don’t want to leave you Mum!’

More crying!

His passing was dignified and peaceful. The staff were sensitive to our feelings and tears. Chris and I sat beside our beloved family member and whispered our love for him. We thanked him for his love and for choosing us as his parents. We patted and assisted him on his journey home.

Tao came in the dream that night and told me he could see again. He said he would never leave me for he was my protector for eternity.

I miss him terribly. There is such a gap in my life as I look for him everywhere. Yet I know he has emptied my glass so it may be filled with something new and wonderful…something he couldn’t be a part of in this world. His love for me was so great he needed to set me free.

God bless you Tao. You will live in our hearts for ever. We love you.

I wanted to share this story with you so you can connect with your pets on many levels. They are a part of your soul group/soul family. Treat them with the love and respect they have for you, for they are an extension of you and who you are…pure love.

From my heart to yours in love, Jen xxx

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