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Jen's Story

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Author, Mystic, Teacher, Preacher,
Intuitive, Heart & Soul Healer,
Spiritual Counsellor, Speaker,
Workshop Facilitator,
Gather of Earth Angels...

Our Story

I would like to introduce you to Chris, my husband, best friend and partner.
You will be seeing quite a lot of him, as we work side by side doing God’s beautiful work. He is my Twin Flame. You will read all about him in my new book, Gift of Love – my journey begins, to be published in the near future.
Chris has embraced me without asking any questions as to why he was chosen to support and stand by me when many would have walked away. He believes in my journey so much, he has sacrificed more than you will ever know to publish my books, so you can heal, learn and grow.
Chris is a gifted healer and channel to receive God’s and his Guides messages. He is very close to his brother in spirit, Jesus and has a loving relationship with his God.
I know you will love him as much I do.

Jen xxx

I am not sure exactly what Heaven will be like,
but I know that when we die
and it comes time for God to judge us,

He will not ask,
“How many good things have

you done in your life?”
rather He will ask, “How much love did you put into what you did?”

Mother Teresa.

My Story


Welcome to a small part of my world.

    My name is Jen-Irishu, which means Rainbow or Rainbow Bridge to God. Iris is the keeper of the rainbow. Throughout the ages, the rainbow has been the symbol of hope, a promise of better things to come. The ancient Greeks personified the rainbow as the Goddess Iris. Carried by her shimmering wings, Iris travels like the wind between the heavens and earth. Mortals can only see the trail of her rainbow-coloured passage across the sky.
    There is only one true meaning of Hu… and that is God.


     I am a wife, mother, ‘wicked’ step-mother and now a Jen-Ma. These are the most important rolls in my life. After that the only other people who occupy the rest of my heart is God and His children, you being one of them.

    For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by, ‘Why are we here? What is our purpose?’ I can recall asking my mother, ‘If God made the world, who made God?’

    ‘Blind faith Jen,’ my mother replied.

    As I approached my forties, after a broken marriage, my psychic abilities began to escalate.  Fortunately for me, I landed a position working in a Medical Clinic as a receptionist, where all of the girls who also worked there were spiritually gifted in many areas, such as Reiki, massage, meditation and yoga.

    Wow! I had come home. All of those questions that I had been searching for were in one or another of their book shelves. I became a sponge. Yet, as I read, something in me KNEW what I was reading about.  A ‘knowing’ like no other that I had ever experienced before.

     So began my Spiritual journey. Before I knew it I was doing Tarot readings. However, that was not enough for me. I then began my healing technique that I call ‘Rainbow Healing From the Heart’. You can read about this in my first 'Love Series' book, ‘Messages of Love: My Spiritual Awakening.’

    From there my heart ‘listened’ to my clients crying out for heart and soul healing on a deeper level. I threw away my Tarot cards and began to work with them on a counselling level…from heart to heart. It didn’t take too long before the Heart-Light Gatherings began to take shape….reaching out to more than one client at a time, in a safe cocoon of companionship and healing.

    I guess the rest is history as they say. However for me it is her-story, my story.


     No one is more surprised than I am about writing books…books to heal and grow from. When I sit on my computer for hour after hour, pouring out my heart and thoughts, praying that I may touch just one single life and heart with my often very difficult and challenging journey, we call life, I feel blessed to have been given my life’s lessons so I can show you, you are not alone in yours. I know your pain is not my pain, however, I have experienced pain, heart wrenching deep, deep cuts to my soul and heart too.

    I love this saying by Leo Tolstoy – 

Remember there is your truth, my truth

and THE truth!


     I now travel the country side, sharing my amazing story, leading workshops, giving hands on healing, radio and television appearances and I am available as a guest speaker.

    What an incredible life I have!


     I believe that we all have the ability to receive ALL the guidance and healing that we require, by trusting and having the faith to listen to that ‘still small voice within’ that gently guides us down our yellow brick road that we call life. After the passing of my ‘other wing’, as devastating as it was, I have been fortunate enough to be given a glimpse of what life is like on ‘the other side’, thanks to my love whom I call The Boy. I now understand that he died so that I may live, truly live in the real sense, so that I can help YOU to heal YOUR wounded heart.

The hero of my tale, whom I love with all the

power of my soul,

whom I have tried to portray in all her beauty, who has been, is, and will forever be beautiful, is Truth.’

‘Do not follow where the path may lead.

Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail …’

The canvas of life is waiting for some bright colours.

Let us add shades of joy, love, peace and harmony.

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