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Some Words of Praise

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Messages of Love

I read this book many years ago. Upon re-reading it I found an in sight into another aspect of the spiritual realm. I know for sure, those who pass over never really leave us. I found this wonderfully written book allows us to broaden our minds, particularly those of us who are like-minded.

'Messages' has taught me to listen and cope with the signs our loved ones give us.

It is insightful and written from the heart, creating an awareness.

Those of you who perhaps have difficulty understanding the spirit side could benefit from this read, a few pages at a time, to understand those who loved us dearly are still around. ‘Messages’ has awoken the love of spirit and a sense of calm in me we all yearn for.

‘Messages’ is a heartwarming, sad, funny and a true awakening into how our loved ones never really leave our side. In parts it is very emotional, and you cannot help but be in her moments.

Make the time to read this and other books written by Jen.

Love and blessings Jen,

Lynnie. Australia

Jen, when I first started reading Messages of Love - my spiritual awakening I wasn't sure what to expect. I could not put it down! You kept me intrigued right to the very end. 

Your story is so honest, so raw, so many things. By sharing your journey, you have also assisted me in mine.

I can't wait to read book 2 and any other books you write.

Thank you so much for your courage. 

Annie. Canada.

Messages of Love

The book, Messages of Love

turned my world upside down.

It brought back my own story. I cried buckets for the loss Jen and The Boy endured, for their love and deep connection.

I laughed at the silly, cringed, was scared and felt elated.


Jen, I love the way you wrote this book. It is raw and emotional, yet I could feel the change and growth in you. How you gradually, yet almost suddenly became strong. I knew you were ready to move forward as you did, knowing you would be okay.

I think this book can help many who are mourning someone who has passed on, knowing they are always there.

Thank you for your strength to write this amazing book.

Blessing to you,

Daryl. South Africa.

I read 'Messages of Love' many, many years ago now, and to this day this wonderful book has stayed in my heart and memory. Jen's compassion, honesty, love, Spiritual experience and knowledge comes across with such heart felt emotion and integrity.

This is one of the best and moving books I've ever read.

Thankyou Jen.

Lisa. Scotland.

The Angel in my Dreams

Jen, thank you so much for writing this beautiful book. You have no idea how much it has assisted my family to cope with the passing of our beloved grand daughter due to cancer. 

Before her death we read her The Angel in my Dreams. Each night she would ask for it to be read again and again. She would ask us questions about her guardian angel, was her pet cat, Smokey waiting for her? Would she ride across the rainbow too like Angela and Eli? Would see she her grandfather? 

YOU helped her not to be afraid of death. YOU assisted us to understand she will never be too far away.

I can't wait to see what happens to Angela and Eli in the second book, The New Adventures of Angela and Eli.

Thank you so much Jen. May you continue to write such beautiful books, Kathy. New Zealand

I bought this book for my daughter when she was 3 after her great grandad died. At the time she was a little too young  to really get in to it. Now she is 5 it is one of her favourite books. She is a very spiritual little girl and your book really resonates with her.

I just wanted to thank you for writing a really amazing book.

Amanda. Australia.

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