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Books written from the Heart

by Jen-Irishu

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A journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.

Rachel Anders.

Messages of Love: my spiritual awakening

Book One


Writing for me never came easily while I was a school. Having to write a essay or story sent shivers down my spine. English was not my best subject, yet when I think about it, there weren't many that were!

   It wasn't until after my 'other wing' whom I call The Boy in my first book, Messages of Love - my spiritual awakening passed over to the other side did I began to put pen to paper seriously. Up until few months before his passing I began to keep a diary, as my day to day experiences were far beyond anything else I had experiences before...out of world, you may say.

   After around 40 foolscap pads filled with my writings and poetry, in 2000 I began for formulate Messages of Love. My first poor editor! I won't tell you too much, as I have written the full saga in the sequel in Gift of Love - my journey begins. I didn't want to spoil the continuing story, do I?

‘Have you ever found a book that opens your heart, enlightens your mind and touches your spirit?
Messages of Love- my spiritual awakening does just that.'


Gift of Love: my journey begins

Book Two

In Gift of Love, I continue to share the next part of her journey, this time

with my twin soul, Chris.

    As with Messages of Love, book one in the Love Series of three, my journey continues to be one of many challenges and tests. Many times, I wondered if it has all been a terrible twist of fate. I often question if our love was strong enough to endure all that is thrown at us.

    No one was more shocked than when a different world is presented to me -  a world of ‘outer world’ beings. You may call them Aliens.

    Gift of Love is filled with inspirational writings to assist you to grow and learn from. This is my heart passion in ALL my books to reawaken you to who you really are.


Soon to be released: Heart of Love: my eyes wide open

Book Three of the Love Series

* * *

The Angel Series


No one was more surprised, when during my dream state I was shown two books, one was called The Angel in my Dreams, and the other, Yeshua and Mary - a love story. I wondered who their authors were, and was shocked to see it was me! 

   In 2005 I was pushed to begin The Angel in my Dreams. Never in my dreams did I expect there would be another book to add to my latest 'baby'.  My 'angel twins' touch my heart so deeply even to this day. I have so much love for them, my heart overflows with pure joy.

These books along with many other books

written with love by JEN-IRISHU

are available to purchase in my BOOK SHOP

When I speak, either on radio, T.V. or in person, my one message is clear…we are never alone, there is no such thing as death…and be open to the ‘spirit whispers’ of your loved ones who have passed over.

   My books are written for this purpose…they are not sad or morbid, they are joyful, graceful, educational, mystical, love-filled.

   I wrote them for you...I wrote them for me…I wrote them for spirit and last of all God asked me to write them! 

"Grief is the breaking of the heart. If I can  assist just one

heart to heal,

then sharing our loved one’s messages

from the ‘other side’ is God’s gift for you.”



Never did I ever think I would write books for children. It wasn't until I started reading bedtime stories to my grand-angels that stories I could create around their lives began to swim through my very vivid imagination. So far I have written 8 beautifully illustrated books for you, your children and grand-angels to love and enjoy, as we loved creating them. 



I am very humbled to receive so many hand written messages, as well as emails from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and journeys with me.

With much love from my heart to yours,




Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

Emilie Buchwald.



For wholesale enquires please contact

Chris Nearhos


Ph ; +61412982642

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