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I am so very proud to announce our very own foundation.
My prayer is together we can assist as many in need as we possibly can.

“Faith is taking the first step, even if

you don’t see the whole.
If we can’t help a hundred kids,
then let’s join hands and hearts together to help one.”

Chris and I have decided to donate as much as we physically can, along with your help too, (knowing there will be expenses that will need to be paid) to assist different charities and organizations we feel would benefit from our financial, spiritual, physical and emotional support. You will notice a lot of the charities we support are for children.  This is because our children are our future. Without strong, healthy and happy kids, our world will not be strong, healthy and happy.

I can’t imagine not being able to feed a child, or give them a bed or a wash, let alone water to drink. I can’t imagine using a child as a slave, either sexually or any other way! This saddens Chris and I so much, our hearts physically ache.


Until our foundation if fully functioning, for now I feel if we can support any of the ones I have listed, we are making a huge difference to a world in need.

Each time I do any public engagements I will be collecting gold coin donations to join with yours. This money will be transferred directly from a PayPal donation account I will set up especially for our many causes.
If there is a particular charity above you wish to donate to, please go to their website.

In gratitude and love, Jen xxx 


Proverbs 25:25 says, ‘As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country’. That’s the news Life Today wants to share in 500 areas this year, with your help. A goal of 500 wells in 2015 (more than a well a day) is ambitious and has a big budget – $2.4 million – so it’s vital at the first of the year to make a great start. The average cost to drill a new well this year will remain at $4800. With wells capable of serving 1000 villagers, that means for as little as $4.80, a child can have water for life. It also means you can have a part in providing clean water.

Gifts of $48 will help provide clean water for 10 people.
Gifts of $96 will help provide clean water for 20 people.

Or you may be able to give a gift of $240 or $480 to help provide clean water for 50 or 100 people through

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