The Angel in my Dreams: Book one


After receiving yet another of her prophetic dreams, Jen-Irishu has written a truly beautiful masterpiece.


The Angel in my Dreams is a story about two children, Angela and Eli.

Angela lives in Australia; Eli, Africa. Before falling into a deep dreamy sleep, gazing out into the starry evening skies they wonder what is ‘out there’ beyond the planets and stars. Suddenly awoken, surrounded in a golden haze, an angel, Kairi to Angela, and Manu to Eli, appears to them. Why were they here?

The angels gently explain they were sent by the Creator of All to take them on a journey they would never forget. There was one request though; the children were to promise on their return to share their story with their families and friends on Earth. It would help them to understand.

With assistance of the Guardian Angels, the children are transported to a place they never dreamt existed, way beyond the Universe to a place called the Rainbow Bridge. It was called Heaven.

A series of coloured curtains open to reveal to Angela and Eli different worlds beyond their world. Ea