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Messages of love: my spiritual awakening: book one
  Jen-Irishu’s Messages of Love is an enthralling story about one woman’s struggle for a meaningful life.  Her difficult voyage through what can only be called a nightmare, takes the reader on an amazing journey down her Yellow Brick Road.
    Her story starts at the graveside of her beloved, known as The Boy.  He died young and in mysterious circumstances, leaving her heartbroken. This followed a premonition she received through a dream. Not in her wildest of imagination, did she ever dream what was to follow after his death.  A whole new world of the unknown was to become a reality for her.
    After The Boy died, his spirit returned to her to say that he had been murdered.  What was she to do with this information?  Not only was she grieving, but she also had her love for him tested, over and over again.  Theirs was a true love, which was never realized on the earth. The magnitude of this love could only be realized on the spiritual plane.
    This story is not a flight of fictional fancy like Ghost, The Sixth Sense or What Dreams May Come, although it shares themes with both. It is an exciting story; her life is both shattering and a pioneering experience.  She shares with the reader her most intimate experiences, thoughts and revelations.  She communicates a sense of personal closeness most people achieve only after years of loving friendships.
     A woman’s love is sometimes far more powerful than anyone in the world knows how to reciprocate.  Jen shows how the fullness and sublime passion of love, can be developed into a stimulating and compassionate method of self-empowerment, rather than boxed up and shut away.
    Her triumph is nothing tangible.  This is not a rag to riches story.  It is the story of one woman’s struggle to stay true to her now chosen path, of healing and bringing through messages of love from the other side for those who are grieving their loved ones who have passed over. Her triumph is one of the heart and mind.  Revealing and guiding the reader through the evolutionary potential we all have with in us, to communicate with the spirit world, bringing two worlds together as one.
   Messages of Love is a love story in the truest sense. The Boy and Jen share a bond like no other…the bond of love, which is to last eternally.
   This story will make you laugh; it will make you cry. Their love story will stay in your hearts forever more.

E-book - Messages of Love - my spiritual awakening

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