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Mother Earth, why are you crying?


Never did Indigo, Tom, Kamya and Ruby imagine

when they woke to a bright new day,

what that day would bring.

Appearing suddenly right before their eyes was

Gaia, Mandaza and Eingana –

otherwise known as Mother Earth.

What did she want? Why was she here?

     ‘I have chosen you, my children, as well as other special ones, to begin the changes needed to make me smile again. Can you do this for me?’

     It was then the children knew this was a day to remember and share for the rest of their lives.


     I wrote this story because my heart cries out for change.

I have become even more aware since being gifted grand-angels, how much this change is in desperate need for them to grow up in a world

filled with fresh air to breathe,

sunshine to rejuvenate,

nature walks to rebalance,

and the ocean to harmonize.


May we all join together

and care for her with love, Jen-Irishu. xxx






E-book Mother Earth, Why Are You Crying?

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