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The New Adventures of Angela and Eli: book two

Angela and Eli are joined together again one week after being taken over the Rainbow Bridge in their dreamtime. This time their Guardian Angels, Kairi and Manu have a new adventure for them with new friends and lessons to learn.

Instead of the coloured curtains Angela and Eli are transported through a series of coloured doors. As each coloured door is revealed to them, Angela and Eli are once again, to their delight greeted with all the characters they met in The Angel in my Dreams.

The New Adventures of Angela and Eli teaches us about love, self-respect and self-esteem. Eli shows us how to live in gratitude for all we have. Angela shows us all about kindness.

I am sure this book will touch your heart, the twin to

The Angel in my Dreams, as it has mine.

The New Adventures of Angela and Eli -Hard Cover

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