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Another Birthday!

What a glorious day Chris and I had whale watching. Each birthday this is my treat!

65! Where have the years gone to? What lies ahead?

Often in life we feel we don’t matter or make a difference. Often we wonder if we are heard or cared about. I know I feel this way at times.

Through Social Media I have been shown the exact opposite by kind words, friendship and love. You have shown me, you love me as much as I love you... and for that I’m truly humbled. 🙏🏼

May the coming year ahead for me continue to be filled with your love, for that is all that really matters to me... I will then send out your ripples of love throughout our Mother Earth and beyond.

Together I know we can bring peace, harmony and joy back into our very fractured planet.

In gratitude and love always 💞✨🦋🌈 xxx

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