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My Inner Psychic Child

When I was a little girl, my life was carefree and filled with dreams. I was psychic, saw things, heard things and felt things not of this earth. As I got older I didn't question this because I thought it was normal.

One day at High School, I was about 12, I remember telling my friends about a TV program I had watched the evening before. They didn't know what I was speaking about, for they had also watched this program, although it wasn't the one I described.

Two nights later the one I saw came on...How could this be? I thought.

One of my friends said I must have been a witch!

This was when I began to wonder if I had a gift of 'seeing'.

The rest is her/story, as they say.

If your children are like I was and still am, let them develop their psychic and medium skills. Listen to them, believe them and encourage them.

In gratitude and love for being 'different', Jen xxx

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