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I have been asked by my Higher-Self to bring your messages from now on. I asked, Why not my Masters? My Higher-Self reminded me that I am in fact, Master. I in fact hold the keys and knowledge of all I perceive to be external to me. I am in fact ALL knowing, ALL seeing and ALL presence.

Accepting your own power and acknowledging it takes a bit of doing. I asked if my ego was playing tricks on me – yet my Higher-Self continued to make her presence felt! NO, was the answer I heard loud and clear – so here goes!

Bob Dylan sang of “The times are a changing”, and indeed they are. Along with the dramatic earth changes that are happening as we speak, look deep within the changes that are occurring within each and every one of you. Are your foundations being rocked to the core? Are you unexpectedly bursting your banks with tears, which have been waiting to be shed for so long? Are the walls of your heart being ripped open, to reveal raw and bleeding wounds? Are you at war within wondering if you will ever find the peace you are looking for? Are you noticing old acquaintances and friends moving away into another direction – and you wonder what it is you have done? Have you noticed your system isn’t tolerating certain foods and liquids it once did? Are you noticing you are feeling stuck and in a rut?

My questions can go on and on and they do.

Is it not possible the environment around you is just mirroring what is happening within your own temples? It is not the times that are a changing – it is YOU!

Take some time out of your day to look within and see, feel and acknowledge this statement – it is YOU who is changing, and more rapidly than you will ever know. Many are experiencing physical symptoms, many are experiencing mental symptoms, and ALL are experiencing spiritual changes. In times like these it is very important to become like the hermit. I don’t mean not to be present – what I mean is to get to know yourself. This can only be made possible by allowing yourself  ‘time out’. If you do not take heed to this, you will be forced to! Something in you will break down, leaving you with the necessary time to heal, recoup your energies and listen to your soul, as it tries desperately to whisper to you.

Our New World is hovering close to the earth, as we speak. It is waiting for you to become ALL powerful, ALL whole and ALL ready to ascend. This cannot happen until you are prepared and purified from all past karma, all guilt; all blame, and become bathed clean from what we have sabotaged ourselves into believing we are not worthy of being our TRUE selves!

With much love, xxx

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