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Suppression Can Cause Depression.

For years now I have been counselling wounded adults. For years now, I have been searching for answers to assist the wounded child within, and the connection to disease, illness and pain.

I have been sharing my story on social media about my own chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, knowing it stems from my childhood. I have also tried to share my thoughts on dis-ease and childhood trauma with those in the medical profession etc., however, there is never enough time during a consultation for anything constructive.

I am doing some research on how our bodies have re-acted with childhood trauma by manifesting any trapped dis-ease and pain within our temples.

Have you ever thought childhood pain is a connection to say- cancer, anorexia and other image disorders, self-cutting, autoimmune, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, fibroids or other areas within the reproductive system, heart, blood pressure, prostrate problems etc… anything that causes your body discomfort?

What you have suppressed within as a child? Is it grief, sorrow, hurt, frustration, not being heard? The list goes on. Once you see and feel this, you are then able to at least acknowledge the cause of the effect. This is how I have been working with my clients for over 20 years… finding through emotions the cause of our pain.

I am convinced, when we feel alone, especially as children, we carry our burdens more than if we can share them. If we can’t have the space to do it then, as an adults we learn to keep our thoughts and emotions to ourselves.

In gratitude and love eternally for having the courage to heal our inner child, before we can begin the process of becoming the healed adult. xxx

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