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Healing The Child Within.

Over the past few months, I have been reviewing the Heart Light Gatherings I have been doing for years now. The main message I was trying to impart are exactly the words of Gabor Mate in the quote below. As wounded adults we carry pain manifesting as dis/ease within our bodies in one way or another. Sit quietly with the words in this quote. Allow your body to absorb the truth of these words. Take them to what part of your body needs to hear them. Feel where it first began. Sit with this feeling. Allow anything that comes up to show you the cause of the effect… where it all began. Understand you did the very best you could under those circumstances. You were a child.

Children are often told to be quiet… so we held our pain inwards, when all we wanted was to be heard and understood.

To heal the best we can, once we have acknowledged the source, give yourselves time to be heard… you can do this by writing your thoughts down and reading them back to yourself. This is a very powerful tool when you read and hear your own adult voice speaking as the hurt inner child. Send love to your ‘little’ you. Tell him or her they are safe. They are heard. They are understood, they are loved…Anything your inner-self needs to hear that has caused it to go into a place of inner pain, dis/ease.

The root cause of ALL addictions, trauma and pain begins at childhood! This is the truth!

I can’t do my gatherings at the moment, however I can assist you from my posts, although it is not the same as being face to face. I have dedicated my life over the past 25 years to healing the wounded heart/adult, including myself. I pray I can in the future continue to do so.

In gratitude and love eternally xxx

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