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My Guides wish me to speak to you about this subject today, so here goes.

As you know I meet many beautiful souls during my travels and guest speaking appearances. I also receive many emails from those who have read my books and wish to share their own stories with me, which I love. I have come across many who have told me they are the reincarnation of this Master or Higher Being. E.g., there is a man here in Australia who claims to be the second coming of Jesus! I met with a lady recently who believes she is Mary Magdalene, another one said they were Francis of Assisi. And on it goes. Chris channelled a Star Being though, so I found this the perfect opportunity to ask about the second coming of Jesus and the reincarnation of those deities we have come to love.

The Star Being said many of us, who are on the earth at this time to assist it with healing are an essence of the entity they perceive themselves to be. Even though Chris and I are connected with the twin flame essence of Jesus and Mary, as we all are, the masculine and the feminine, in this life time Chris and I are ALL that make up the many lifetimes and entities that we have been over since the beginning of our creation. It was shared with me how we, as humans, hold on to the human beings we have come to know, thinking that is who we are at this time. In fact, we have spent many, many lifetimes as other beings, as have Jesus, Mary, Mother Mary, Buddha, and on and on the list goes.

Spirit does not wish us to stay stuck in the thought we are connected to one particular entity. We are much more than that. As we are a soul group, or light group, being of the one true light or source, we are one and we are all there is. Jesus is you, Jesus is me, Jesus is all, because we are all created from the one Infinite light.

The Being then went on to say God/dess does not wish us to think of him/her as a separate being either. God/dess wishes us to ‘become’ him/her. We ARE ALREADY everything that makes us the Infinite Light or the Source, however, we don’t believe this is the case. We think of ourselves as a much lesser being, even though we were created in His/Her image! If you feel closely connected with a certain entity, it is because you come from that same energy or vibration. Within your very soul you have contained the memory and love that has come from the one who stays close to you. Jesus and other deities do not wish us to idolise them. They knew they had a job to do, so they came on earth and other planetary systems to do it.

This is what they are asking of us on this day. As we see them, they see us. Together we are one. We all have a connection to who we really are, so let’s connect with our own essence, understanding our spirit knows nothing else or is nothing else other than the same pure light and love those we revere are!

From my heart to yours in love. Jen xxx

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