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I have just arrived home from conducting another baby naming. Although, being a celebrant is quite often a thankless task, driving home I patted myself on the back for compiling such a beautiful ceremony.

Recently, while giving a talk at a gathering, I said how good I was at my ‘job’. And I meant it.

I could see the look on many faces…a look that said, is she on an ego trip, or what!

I explained how it is not the time now to be and think small. It is time to acknowledge our magnificence. Not only to acknowledge our gifts, to share and shout them out to the world, instead of hiding behind the shadows, like a little mouse, too afraid of our own light.

A lady, who was a healer, came up to me afterwards to thank me for being brave enough to state my own truth and worth. She had stopped doing her work because she felt insignificant…not good enough!

I put my hand on to her heart and told her it was time to go forth and do the work she was born to do, understanding it was her birthright. She had the wisdom, knowledge and power, all she needed to do was to acknowledge it.

When Jesus asked me to be humble at all times, He did not mean to bury my belief in myself and my work deep within the mud, never to surface again. He wants us all to love our work, or gifts so much, we bathe in delight in them. He wants us to love what we do so much to be good, no, great at it, and not to be afraid to admit our greatness, especially to ourselves.

When I stood up in front of those who attended the gathering, I made a conscious decision to declare my greatness: To be proud of my achievements and shout it out to the world. I was not being conceited when I said I was good at what I do, I was stating a fact.

Today, reading the words to the naming ceremony, words that are beautiful and meaningful, and during the blessing of the water and the baby, I felt a deep connection to God. I felt honoured and blessed to have been chosen today to do Faith’s ceremony. However, I also know I did a good job of it. I stood tall, reading out the words that made my heart soar with love for this new mum, dad and bub.

Are you ready to stand in your magnificence? Or, are you going to continue to stay small?

God wants you to stand tall. That is why He/She created you. Honour yourself and why you came on earth at this time. No matter what or who you are everyday you are given the opportunity to shine your light to all you come in contact with.

We are all magnificent. No matter what we do, we are filled with greatness. Even a homeless person has his or her own greatness. It is not what you do; it is how you do it that counts.

Am I saying I am better than any other healer/counsellor/celebrant/author? No, I am not. What I am trying to say is I am the best version of me that I can possibly be right now. And that makes me happy.

This comes from my heart to yours, Jen xxx

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