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Allowing My Soul To Heal.

I’m sorry I’m not doing any gatherings, workshops or counselling at the moment. I have given out energy for so long, there is nothing left in my car! The batteries are dead, I’m out of petrol!

Thank you for asking me through private messages, I feel so honoured. My heart wants to say, yes, yes, yes! My soul says, no, no, no!

Hopefully next year will be a better year for me... my car will be up and running again, filled with premium fuel and a brand new super duper battery!

Until then, thank you for reading my posts, they are my healing and teaching tool for now.

In gratitude and love for this time of healing. Jen xxx

In gratitude and love for this time to refuel and regenerate and for you. 💞🌈✨🦋 xxx


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