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Always Tests!

The past week has really tested me, almost to the point where I wanted to raise my hands and give up on my books. The high res cover for The New Adventures of Angela and Eli has gone missing, just as we were preparing to send it to print! I have searched and searched. It was the final straw that broke this camel’s back.

Today I cried in frustration... what was I to do? As I wept, I said to Chris, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’

I’m still not sure if I can fix this situation. My twin Angel books are not complete without a cover.

This afternoon, out of the blue someone I don’t even know sent me a message saying, ‘Whatever you are going through right now, God has it in hand. Your worst is almost over.’ So I dried my tears, released my fears and handed it all over to my higher power, knowing it is now out of my hands and somehow all will be well.

Thank you to this stranger for handing me the towel to wipe my face and giving me a little hope to think I’m almost there! The climb up my very steep mountain has almost done me in!

In gratitude and love for the right words at the perfect time. 💞✨🌈🦋 xxx

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