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As a survivor of a NDE, I have experienced, and many others have as well, a life review. When I saw my life on the big screen, I was ashamed of all the hurts I had caused to many. Not only those affected, the ripple effect from my actions was astonishing. I vowed then and there, on the otherside, to change my ways. To try and give respect and love to all I am in contact with. I try to love and respect nature, and ALL things.

With these earth changes around us, and many losing their lives, please look at your life and don’t wait to die to make amends for your hurtful doings.

I was not judged by God during my life review…I judged myself. God continued to surround me with loving light as I came to terms with my life and all the effects of the causes…for every action has a reaction.

We do have to understand we are born to learn, to play and to love. We are not born to not live in peace. We are born to live in a state of love and harmony. Yet we continue to live in a state of unrest, judgement, control and chaos.

If you know the tarot, the tower and devil are cards coming to mind…everything we have thought to be real is now being shown to us as an illusion and collapsing around us at an alarming speed .

Take some precious moments out of our day to ask yourselves if you died right now, would you be able to look at your life review with total pride, knowing all your actions were only from a place of love?

Remember who you are…you are a pure spark of God living in an overcoat, the body. It is time to act like God would act, in any moment of your life.

This life you have chosen to incarnate in at this most important time in evolution, is to shine your light… that golden spark of being a lightworker, to assist Gaia, Mother Earth, to continue to be the most powerful planet in our universe.

Wake up, wake up now…it is not too late.

I believe I had to experience death, so I could come back and share with you the fact we do have to face our life and the consequences of our actions. Look at this day as the day of your birth and start all over again anew.

I felt compelled to write this post. Please take it with the love I have in my heart as I write it.

As a medium, working with those who have ‘flown’ looking for forgiveness, I feel it is my duty to stop you, the living, from having to ask for forgiveness from those you leave behind after your passing.

From my heart to yours, with love, Jen xxx

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