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Blessed Are The Healers

I KNOW we have incarnated at this time on Earth to assist in the healing of those who do not practice love.

We can’t vibrate at the right frequency if there is hate and fear... it’s not possible.

I know it’s draining on our own energies to keep the light shining, in order to light the pathway. I know it takes a lot of physical energy to mutate negativity and darkness, into love and harmony. Yet, what keeps me going is knowing this is our purpose. This is our ‘job’, if I can call it this. We were hired by the Creator to be the transmitters of love and light, without sounding too airy fairy.

We are given opportunities to do this every day in some way... to hand out sprinkles of love.

However, we also must remember to recoup our own batteries... we are not robots! We have feelings and emotions that are not always easy to switch off. It’s ok to step back in order to do this, understanding that although we don’t always know this, we are still holding the frequency or space.

Blessed are you healers, you are honored or your love and light, for your dedication and perseverance.

You are the every day person who lives next door, who works in businesses, who are in the services, who teaches our children, who are parents, volunteers, social workers, charity workers, hospital nurses and doctors, counsellors, therapists, practitioners, etc. who are you and me... we are all the keepers of the light.

In gratitude and love for you... xxx


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