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Friendship is so important. Choose your friends wisely. Make sure they love you for ‘who’ you are, not for ‘what’ you are.

Friends let you be silly, sad and happy. They allow you to cry without trying to take away your pain. They let you sing and dance, even though it may not be in tune or rhythm.

True friends will not judge you, instead encourage you to be the best you can possibly be.

Sometimes friends aren’t meant to stay. We are all contracted to come together before birth not for ‘time’, however for karma.

I know this can sometimes be a little difficult to understand when our emotions are involved.

Once you do understand why everything happens just the way it is, it will make your lives so much easier, letting go of the anger, disappointment, resentment, abandonment issues, grief etc.

So cherish your ‘true’ friends, and for many of you who are blessed to have them in your lives for a lifetime, not just for a short while.

Your friendship is precious to me.

From my heart to yours with love…Jen xxx

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