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Gratitude ~ What are you thankful for?

Every day I give five things for what I am grateful for. It may be as simple as the sun shining, rain to water the garden, the laughter of one of my grand angels, family, friends, a good book or movie, an ice-cream, a swim in the ocean or collecting shells, the smell of a cake straight out of the oven, a walk in nature, star gazing, a good night's sleep...the list is endless.

What do you give gratitude for?

Often we miss the gems or jewels gifted to us in our days. Instead of accepting the diamonds, we settle for drama and lack...why? Because often we think this is all we deserve!

Sad, hey?

Let me tell you this, you deserve everything life has to offer you...everything, if only we all learn to live in gratitude for what we already have!

With much love, my heart to yours, Jen xxx

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