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Heaven On Earth.

Yesterday, at the hairdressers, Krystal who was cutting my hair another client and myself were chatting about life after death, and the different colours of the soul, as my father shared with me. Then it changed to Heaven, and what it’s like.

‘Heaven is on Earth, we don’t have to look for it, or go to a place to find it. It’s right here,’ I replied.

I then continued, ‘If all humans could find five things each day to be in gratitude for, we would find our heaven! What a beautiful planet it would be.’

I named my five things… the doctors and nurses looking after Chris and other patients, his life that was so close to slipping away, another day to enjoy, the sunshine to warm my soul and caring friends, being all of you.

Each evening before I go to sleep, I count my five blessings for the day. I’m sure there are dozens more!

Why wait to go to another place of beauty when we can create it here? Heaven on Earth.

In gratitude and love eternally for all my blessings my Heaven. xxx

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