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HELLO FROM HEAVEN - Channeled by Jen-Irishu.

My children, I come to you on this day to share some thoughts with you. I look at your beautiful earth, which I created, along with the Nature Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and all my Sons and Daughters, and it gives me great sadness to see the destruction of my/your planet. I see the violence and self-destruction of my children, the bombing of Air-Eagles, buildings and the Earth… and for what reason, I ask?

Do you not consider someone, or something else, before you consider yourselves?

NO! The murder of our beautiful trees, which I cultivated to clean and purify the air you breathe, are being cut down and mutilated. I feel like my legs are being cut off. My feet, the roots, can no longer grow deep down into the earth to receive nourishment and healing. My arms, the boughs, can no longer hold onto my Nature Kingdom or bare sustenance. My leaves can no longer purify your atmosphere.

Do you know how this saddens me?

Imagine something extremely sad that you have experienced, and multiply it nine million times. This will give you some idea of how I’m feeling. How do you think a father would feel to see his children murdered by actions and words, and his greatest creation destroyed? Deeply grieved.

Look at the beauty of your earth; the colour of the sky, the magnificence of nature, the trees, grass, the colour of each leaf, all the different greens, and not to forget the flowers and plants. You do not need to go to a Church to find me, just come outside and sit awhile…it is there you will find me. I am in all plants and in all nature. I surround every cell in your being. I AM YOU.

I listen as you blame me for all the unhappiness, sorrow and anger that surround you. That’s okay, I have broad shoulders, but is it really my fault? Yet, as a loving father, I forgive you.

How about you, my children? Are you learning to forgive as well?

Forgiveness of the self must come first and foremost, followed by forgiveness of others. It is not as hard to do as you think. I am always with you. I am always watching you. I am never far away. I am always there when you need me. I am the Genie in your Lantern. Do you hear me? I am the Genie in your Lantern.

Be careful what you wish for, as I will ALWAYS give you your deepest desires. So think about what you really want from me, or else I will get the blame for your unwanted asks again!

I am using my daughter, Jen, to be my voice and I look forward to sending you whispers from Heaven/Earth.

Remember, my children, my love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean and wider than the Universe itself. Love YOURSELF as I love you.

From your friend in love, God.

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