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I Hear You.

As a counsellor, I have had to learn there are times when all my client needs is someone to not only listen, to actually hear and understand them! There is a difference between the two. I can listen to your words without actually hearing them in my heart. When a person says, ‘I hear you,’ this person is truly listening and understanding how you are feeling.

It’s like the difference between ‘looking’ and really ‘seeing’. To hear ‘I hear you’, or ‘I see you’ is powerful.

Recently, I was having a conversation with my girlfriend. I shared how I was feeling after Chris’s recent ambulance episodes. It was very traumatic for me, and still is. I actually teared up in the café. Instead of trying to pacify me, she allowed me to show my emotion… that was such a gift at that time. No words could make me feel any better…feeling safe with her to say them did.

Sometimes people don’t want advice, just someone to be there.

In gratitude and love eternally for kindness. xxx

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