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Is God A Him Or A Her?

I have been asked why I refer to our Creator as God/dess or Him/Her. I believe in duality… creation exists of both the masculine and feminine. One balances out the other. The yin and yang.

In every living body we have two brains - the thinking one, housed in the scull, and the feeling one, living in our chest called the heart. To me, the thinking brain represents the masculine, and the feeling brain- the feminine aspect of our very own creation. Although they are two separate entities, they reside within one temple, the body. I know the gut is known as the 3rd brain, however it’s becomes all too complicated when we are speaking about the masculine and the feminine energies!

Within me, I know I am two distinct parts- one houses my story, you may call this part the Jen you know, and the other is my God/dess self. That is the part in which connects me directly to the Father/mother within. If I truly connect to this source, by emptying myself of my story, it is then I come home to my place of peace and harmony. When in this space, I can then reconnect to the supreme source, whom I have found not to be a male sitting on a throne with a long white beard, rather one infinite supreme light containing both a god and his goddess, Shekinah.

During one of my many conversations with a being we may call God, I asked the question whether ‘He’ was a male. My answer was I could call Him Mother/Father if I preferred, for He was both of those things.

My father told me one day when I asked him if he had met God? He said he had met the Infinite Supreme Light. Within that light it was like he was looking at two separate entities bound into one. A masculine and a feminine. He told me it was too complicated for a mere human to understand, and one day I would fully comprehend it all.

So for now, until I do fully know the whole story, I’ll continue to use both the masculine and feminine when I speak about one whom I know loves us so unconditionally there is no right or wrong- all is perfect in His/Her eyes!

I pray this makes some sense. My skull brain has been a bit scattered lately! Thank goodness my heart brain has stepped in to run this battered old ship!

In gratitude and love eternally for this love, for this is the greatest love of all... and it’s right inside of me! xxx

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