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Love your body Type!

This is Robyn Lawley, Australian model. She is called a plus size!

Are you kidding me! She is stunning.

Who is blind here!

What a negative message given to our young girls growing up!

How do they love their bodies, no matter what size it is when you are boxed in as a size? Marilyn Munro was revered for her shape. She was curvy and vivatious. Men lusted after her. Women wished they looked like her. She was not a size 6. She was not called a plus size. She was Marilyn Munro, full stop!

I am thrilled we are having curvier bodies on the catwalk instead of sticks, however, do they have to have a number attached or a label?

With much love and gratitude for being me💞✨🌈🦋 xxx

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