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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I am often asked when speaking to a group about healing, Reiki etc, how to tap into the universal love energy…and also if we all have the ability to heal.

First and foremost, my guidance is…healer heal thyself first. Secondly, I show in a demonstration how to open the God chakra, or solar plexus chakra in the palm of the hand, this taps directly into the universal energy, available to ALL of us.

EVERYONE has the same ability as Yeshua and other great healers. You are born with it. The difference is Yeshua was in tune with himself, his gifts, and the higher power. The proof is in the pudding so to speak!

First of all you HAVE to be totally in tune with yourself through meditation and other such practices…know thyself! Be in tune with the spiritual planes and your healing masters or guides. Understand the laws of nature and the universe. Open yourselves to be a channel of power. Ask for a teacher to show you how to do this at a greater level.Understand you are the medium who is the channel to bring forth from the ‘higher realms’, as a CLEAR channel which is available to all of us. You CANNOT be a clear channel if you still have ‘baggage’ to let go of. The filter, so to speak, is cloudy or muddy. I am sure if you were on the other end of your healing session, as a client, you would only wish for the highest and purest of energies to be channelled into your energy system and body.

We all have a starting place, if this is the pathway you wish to travel be aware of what you give out.I know in the early days, when I was still going through a deep healing process, I would ask my physical body to step aside, allowing for the higher beings to take the reigns.

After many years of doing healing work on all levels, I feel comfortable enough within myself to understand and acknowledge I can stay within my own temple and trust my energy, combined with that of the spiritual realms is right for those who come to see me.I pray this answers those who have asked me if they are suitable to do hands on  healing work. YES you are…we all are, however, remember to take your time before doing this kind of work.

Spend time, as I stated earlier, connecting with your inner voice, your inner being, your inner light. Then connect with the spirit energy of the highest healing realms. Combined you will make a powerful healing team.

This comes from my heart to yours in love, Jen xxx

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