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My Sheep Are Waithing For Their Shepherd.

This morning I had a very beautiful and vivid dream. I was standing with a man chatting. All of a sudden we were surrounded by a group of people. I wondered where they came from. ‘Why are these people surrounding us?’ I asked the man. ‘They are here for your gathering.’ ‘I’m not doing gatherings anymore. And what am I to teach if I do?’ ‘You are to teach them, or show them the way back to Me.’ ‘You? I don’t even know your name!’ I replied. ‘Yes you do. You speak about Me all the time. I hear you thanking Me each evening in your gratitude prayers. You write about Me. You listen to me when I whisper into your heart. You have known Me all of your life, the life of your soul, not your earthly body.’ I dropped to the ground. ‘You are asking me to speak about YOU to these people?’ ‘Yes, my daughter. Who better could I ask?’ ‘They won’t listen. No one wants to hear about love any more. No one wants to pray. No one wishes to know You. The world is in a mess. So much fear and anguish.’ ‘It may feel this way, sweet child, yet you may be surprised to know and see that in fact more and more are wishing to come home to Me. All they need is for someone to guide them through the darkness into the light.’ ‘You think I’m the one to do this? I don’t know how.’ ‘Haven’t you already been doing what I am asking? Each day you spread the word of love throughout the universe on social media, in the supermarket, on your walks, with your grand angels, wherever your heart takes you, My words are spoken.’ ‘I am so tired.’ He touched the top of my head. ‘And I will give you rest. ‘Go now, my sheep are waiting for their shepherd.’ With those last words, I was surrounded in a circle by the people in the room. I saw the man walked away, then disappearing into a mist.

I have woken remembering every word that transpired between us. Thinking about our conversation, I realized I have been sharing His/Her messages of love long before and since I wrote Messages of Love. As a little girl my heart was always filled with a deep love for Yeshua. I don’t think anyone or anything fills that space as much as He does. I feel this is why I feel so empty most of the time… I have been looking for a physical presence to fill the void of the spiritual presence I felt has left me…it’s been like I have been grieving deeply all my life for a love lost…the greatest love of my life.

I promised the man before He left me to do as he asked of me. I’m not quite sure what it is yet, however I am sure I’ll know when I hear those whispers of guidance enter my heart.

In gratitude and love eternally for this beautiful encounter. I am truly humbled. xxx

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