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Open Hearted

How beautiful is this saying? I saw your heart open so wide the earth fell in. 💞

How many times do we keep our heart closed for fear of being hurt, abandoned, rejected etc? I have found, my heart has physically hurt when I have tried to open it again, like pulling out sutures from a wound that isn't quite healed.

After The Boy 'flew', I closed off my heart from finding love again. I did find that love, however, I needed to love myself first, before I could take that next step. Sometimes I was sure I was having a heart attack, my heart hurt so much!

They say that time is a great healer, and it is, however I had to put in the hard yards too! I had to have the courage to allow my heart to open again, knowing it was safe, I was safe, it was worth the risk. Besides I had already survived 100% of the worst days of my life, so I knew I was strong enough to survive the rest.

In gratitude and love for taking the risk 💞 ✨🦋🌈xxx

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