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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

On the weekend, our 4 year old grand-angel, Tom had a sleepover. Earlier on in the day he told me he hears noises and hears ‘things’ in the night that make him scared. He usually finds his way into his parent’s bed each evening! I decided to tell him a bedtime story about a little boy who has angels and spirit children visit while he is sleeping. He asked me why. I told him, using a book to tell the story, they came to play with his toys and read his many story books. I thought if I pretend the story is in a book, he would believe it more. I didn’t bank on him knowing how to spell his name and couldn’t see it written in the book! Because he is so switched on, saying over and over again, Jen-ma has special powers, then mimicking me with his hands, pretending he has them too, and of course he has, I have been trying not to overload him at such a young age, preferring to wait until he asks questions later on.

Parents, grandparents, teachers etc, our new souls are so spiritual and awakened. Take note of what they share with you.

Be open to their spirituality. pass on your knowledge in a gentle, yet in a way our little ones know they are not imagining what they hear and see.

This comes with much love from my heart to yours.  Jen xxx

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