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Skin Cancer Kills

I feel my 'job' in this lifetime is to be a voice for healing and awareness. One of these 'jobs' was to remind you to have your skin cancer checks.

I have been in the sun all of my life. I didn't slip, slop, slap until the past few years. In my day we used baby oil by the bottles. I would get so sun burnt I couldn't sleep I was so sore.

The past few weeks waiting to have a small white, what I thought was a mole removed has been quite anxious. Yes, I joked about having a rainbow eye put in place of my green one...It made it easier to come to terms if the cancer had spread under my eye.

Deep down, I wasn't so brave. When my doctor said, you have the kind of cancer that eats your face away, I knew he was serious, the reason my eye kept swelling and was sore was serious...I had to take it seriously. This time I couldn't joke my way out of it...although I tried, right up to when my surgeon was drawing the guide lines on my face before surgery yesterday morning!

So, my dear friends, please do yourselves a favour...slip, slop, slap and get your skin checked. It doesn't take long and in the end you will be thankful, like I am.

In gratitude and love for not having to replace my green eye for a rainbow one...although it would have been a talking point! I'm sure my grand-angels would have loved it...not! xxx 💞✨🌈🦋

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