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‘Imagine all the people living for today…’

John Lennon.

So many of us live each day waiting for tomorrow to arrive so we can do better, more, start our diets, get that new job, begin a family, make peace with one we have wronged or have wronged us, get married or divorced, find happiness, make more money, go on a holiday, find time to say hello to our parents/children/friends/family…and many, many opportunities we don’t do today because we have tomorrow to do them.

What if tomorrow never comes? Would you have any regrets?

Is there something you have been putting off, because you have been waiting for another day to do it?

Not too long ago I lost a friend through death. He didn’t expect to die, thinking he could and would overcome his cancer. He kept pushing aside decisions regarding family matters etc. because he was sure he was going to go home. He didn’t tie up many loose ends of his life, including the finances and a falling out he had with a family member, believing he would still have time to do this, once he got out of hospital.

His time never came…he passed over all too soon.

I learnt from The Boy, after he died, whom I wrote about in our book, Messages of Love, if you don’t fix things before you pass over, you have to do it from the other side. Working with those who are terminally ill, or have already passed over, and being chosen as the celebrant to conduct their farewell ceremony, I have realized how important it is for the soul to complete its earthly cycle. Yet, why wait till we are dying or already dead to do this?

Life is so short, even if you live to be the age of a hundred. If you ask a person who is a century, I am sure they would tell you there would still be things they would like to do, however, physical health stops them from reaching these goals.

I have found these last few years almost impossible to do the things I would love to do because I am physically too tired to do them. So I dream or imagine what I will do when I am stronger. I haven’t let go of the possibilities of what will lay ahead of me. I am not living for tomorrow, however, I am living today not giving up…and if this was my last day on earth, I would be happy to know I still lived my dream in my heart, if not in the physical.

I know my today is enough for now. I have no regrets, for all my decisions seemed right at the time. I do have some sadness over some of those decisions; however, I would not change any of them.

Just before one of my hospital visits, I had a dream where I died in it. I know I am given these dreams for a reason and try to take heed of them. I quickly tied up the many loose ends of my life, not knowing how long I had to live. I asked my husband not to give me a funeral, instead scattering my ashes over my beloved ocean with our family. A no frills/fuss farewell for me. I came into the world quietly and wanted to leave quietly. As I was drifting into a cardiac arrest a few weeks later, I was as free as a bird, ready to take flight back to my real home in the heavens. I let go and allowed the process to take me to where ever I was to be taken. When I woke, surprising the nurses and doctors, even more myself, I felt I had been gifted many more tomorrows to live out my life as God wills it to be. If I had never woken from my earthly slumber, I was joyful in the knowledge that it didn’t matter, I had completed all I had wanted to do.

So here I am almost eight years later, and if tomorrow never comes to me, I live in gratitude for today and all of its glory. Although, yes, I would have liked to have done more for humanity, no one is going to remember me for not losing the weight I would have like to have dropped. No one is going to remember me for what I did or do. My only hope is that I am remembered first and foremost for being a kind person. Secondly, for never giving up, no matter what. And thirdly, for being the best Jen-ma that was ever born!!!! Just a bit of ego stepping in here!

If your tomorrow never comes, are you happy with what your today has gifted you?

If not, it is never too late to make today the day the best day you have ever lived.

From my heart to yours in love, Jen xxx

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