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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I have this deep yearning within my heart to teach children, as young as three to meditate. I am not sure how I can get this into ALL day-care centres and schools.

I know we are all energy. What we give out, ripples out. I am sick of this world so filled with hate and murder. It is making me sick. It is probably making you sick too without knowing why.

Adults, we have stuffed up big time. The only way I can see changes happening is with our little ones. I don’t think I can sit back and watch another generation spread nothing other than peace, harmony and love throughout our beautiful planet, a planet WE are destroying though hate and greed.

Energy can flow in two ways…through fear and hate, or through love and harmony.

When groups or even two or more form a gathering in love and harmony, then the ripple effect begins, and visa versa.

Infinite Light, please assist me in this quest. I will start at my grand angels day-care centre…please don’t block me in this vision…open the door to make way to change our wounded world.

From my heart to yours in love, Jen xxx

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