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You are more than you think you are.

Spirit has asked me to share this with you today. They wish you to understand you are multidimensional beings of light, with many parts of you living in different places, seen and unseen at one time.

I was shown a crystal with the sun shining through it, leaving dancing prisms of rainbows on the ceiling. The crystal is your spirit, your higher self, your God light-self. Each prism is a part of your soul fragmentation, forming each multi living/ dimensional/faceted being.

There is much more to you than you think you are.

We tend to think we are so small in the Universes, yet we radiate parts of our light eternally, far and wide beyond the beyond. You can access these parts of your soul through meditation and the opening of your third eye.

Take note of those inner whispers that seem to come out of nowhere. Do you have déjà vu often? If you do this is because a facet of your crystal is transmitting that memory through to you.

This comes with much love from my heart to yours. 💞🌈🦋✨xxx

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