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You Are So Beautiful To Me.

We are so beautiful when we look beyond the shape of our bodies and go to the strawberry within, the heart.

For many years I was anorexic. I thought I needed to be thin to be loved... how wrong I was! 😢 Now I’m in the twilight years of my life, I look back and think what a waste of energy and self love it all was...let alone the damage I have done to my body... and that naughty ego that says, you are too fat, you need to be thin to be accepted, food is your enemy etc is so damaging.😢

Now I have more self love, respect and esteem, what does matter is not my weight, what does matter is healthy eating, living, loving and happiness.

I love creating foods filled with exotic tastes, smells and health benefits. I love having a cappuccino and sharing a piece of cake with Chris. I love having fish n chips on our beach day. I love my nature walks every evening before sunset. I love wearing my colourful Kaftans. I don’t feel I’m hiding my weight. I wear them because I love them. I cannot live without my dark chocolate with sea salt!

All these things contribute to how I feel... self nurtured and self loved and beautiful.

Kindness makes us beautiful. Laughter makes us beautiful. A loving heart makes us beautiful... no matter what shape we are I love you for being you.♥️

In gratitude and love for inner beauty, Jen xxx

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