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You Are The Voices!

I had a very beautiful dream this morning. In it I was crying. ‘What is this? Tears?’ Yeshua asked. I sniffed. I didn’t want to make a fuss. ‘Come now, tell me all about it,’ He gently wiped my tears away and hugged me. ‘I can feel your heart beat, Yeshua.’ ‘Yes, my beloved. It beats for you.’ More tears. ‘My dove, I know your heart is heavy right now. I can feel it too. Come, lift your face. Do not try to hide your tears.’ I looked up into his eyes. I noticed He too had tear drops falling. I reached up and wiped them away, as He did for me. ‘My sweet dove, I have come to show you, together we were born to wipe away the tears of those who are like you, and me, wounded.’ ‘How?’ ‘Continue to share your feelings, whether up or down, as I did and still continue to do in my teachings. Although the many Bibles are not altogether correct in their writings, they do, through the centuries, continue to pass on my messages of hope, strength and continuation of survival… even after my ascension.’ ‘You wish me to do the same? Even with naysayers?’ ‘It is those naysayers who will give you the determination to forge forward with even more conviction and strength than you ever thought possible. Bless them. They are gifts. ‘You already know that, don’t you? Why else would you have used your voice last night to say, “you can’t stop me!”’ ‘My dove. Continue to open your heart to this wounded world. You may think your writings go unnoticed, yet more read them than you will ever know… and yes, even your books! ‘The time will soon be neigh for them to come out of the boxes! Then look out world! Your voice will not be silenced!’ ‘Thank you for your continual love, I know you are always beside me, even when I fall. ‘Can you stay a little longer? I have so many questions.’ I ask. ‘I must go now, morning is neigh. It’s a brand new day to embrace its brilliance. Even if the sun is hiding, it is never far beyond the clouds. Share this message with your followers… it will give them peace knowing I too walk beside all of my brothers and sisters. I am the sun (son) behind the clouds on those days when you may feel like it will never shine again. A little patience is all that is needed for the clouds to quickly scurry by, then there I AM in my full glory to cloak you in the embrace of my warmth.’ ‘Please don’t go!’ I plead. ‘I am always with you and my Earth family. Tell the world… shout it from the treetops, rooftops, and skyscrapers… I did not die! I am here, alive, the living Christ within all. Go on my dove! Use your voice!’

Before I could say thank you, Yeshua was gone. I placed my hand on my heart and could still feel his heart beating next to mine. I felt so loved.

I feel this message was for all of us, not only for me.

In gratitude and love eternally for His love in my heart. xxx

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